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New unpublished quarries for registered investors :

BRAZIL Amazonas-Manaus – Large Mineral Resources Property

BRAZIL Amazonas - close to Manaus on the Amazonas River  

REF 202304-LA-77-BRA

1,5 square kilometer = 1,5 Million squere meter = 370.658 acres property with mineral deposits 

with bauxite, sand and gravel occurrences.

Also included is a clay pit with a lucrative brick production with kilns and complete production equipment.

Wellness and health: There is an acai plantation with 5,000 acai palm trees and a cupuacu plantation with 2,000 trees.

Oil, gas and gold deposits are also suspected by geologists.

This is pure paradise for investors with adventurous spirit and tax-deferred, high-yield investments.

Sale of the property including mining permits and all production licenses and machines, buildings and production facilities from a German/English-speaking European owner with a German-speaking/Portuguese team on site.


Rightout sale for € 3.49 M Euro  (corresponds to approx. € 2.32/sqm - $ 2.55/sqm - € 9.42/acre - $ 10.35/acre )

POLAND Silica sandpit 98% SiO2 close to German border

POLAND - Silica sandpit close to German Border  - REF-POL-202304-JAN

Purity: 98,2 % SiO2 - Grain size: over 89% = 0,063-2mm

Distance from german border 90km - Distance to Berlin 180km - Distance to Motorway 10km 


Inaktive/dormant operation since 2011
Size of private property: 40,7 Ha - Mining license approval pendent for 31 Ha. 

Reserves still in quarry : over 13 Million tons 

Geological reports available 

Sale of the property including mining permits, water well on property and access to public electricity.


Rightout sale for € 2.50 M Euro