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We take our tagline very seriously and for the last 30 years
as natural stone experts have been committed to finding
our clients the right Investor, best Partner and Buyer.
Since we are connected to a worldwide network of professionals and experts, 
we have a selling success rate of 95 % and an overall satisfaction rate of 97 %. 
We look forward meeting you to find the perfect concept or solution for you.

Markus W. Balke - Founder

over 30 years

in natural stone business 

Christene and Philip Callant

Expert Partner and regional director  

Canada and America

Joseph Sam 

Expert Partner and regional director  

South Asia 

Director and Founder of B&P network of 100 experts in stone business and associated fields established in August 2010.

Orator at World-Stone Congresses, international conventions and fairs. Xiamen/China - Middle East Big 5 Dubai/UAE - Verona/Italy and many more.

  • Member of International Association of Professional Business Consultants

  • Member of  IMC Institute of Managements Consultants USA

  • Member of APC Association of Professional Consultants


  • Inventor of quarry portal – the worldwide one and only portal to buy and sell quarries and natural resources - since 5/2015  www.quarryforsale.net


  • Steininvest  - Inventor and CEO – Investing in natural stone raw blocks.

       Financial support for European stone

       industry by private investors buying

       quarried blocks with ownership for the

       period of investment (up to 7 %

       interest rate) 

       buy and sell back to quarry owner - 


Purchasing service for European small business companies. Turnkey operation service incl. Quality assurance in all well-known natural stone production areas worldwide. 

  • Expert in global trading and master in business economics.

  • 25 years professional experiences in processing natural stones and worldwide sales.

  • Expert knowledge in national and international natural stone markets.

  • Innovative and positive forward creative strategist in global project business focused on natural stone trade.

  • Initiator of start up natural stone production and distribution networks around the world.

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With roots in Europe, Philip is the 3rd generation in the industry.


With an excavator and a 6x6 truck purchased from the Canadian Army at the end of the second world war, his grandfather grew the family business to become one of the largest road contractors for civil and city development projects in Belgium. Philip's father, Ivan, travelled the very same roads and bridges his father built to supply natural stone for government projects across Western Europe. 

Philip's natural passion for geology created an avid student and every school vacation was spent in the quarries of Europe or on the job sites, alongside his father who was eager to teach his only son everything he knew about natural stone. At the age of 9, while on a summer holiday in Florida, Philip set his goal to sell stone in North America.


Immediately after his studies, Philip joined his mother and father in the company with a passion to continue the family tradition. Working side by side with his father and mother, Marie-José, they grew the company to 67 installers and 7 support staff before selling the company to a French multi-national in 2004. As part of the sale, Philip was based in Paris and worked for the French company for 4 years before joining a Private Equity firm to start up several limestone quarries in Sinai, Egypt.


After 20 years of working on European and Asian projects, Philip was ready for a new challenge. Eager to share his experience and knowledge with the North Amercian market, Philip made the move to Canada to carry on the tradition of his grandfather and father and realize dreams of a 9 year old boy. 


Joining forces in 2012, Christene's background in operations, international consulting and project management, as well as her passion for creative, design and the use of natural, sustainable products in our living environments bring a natural synergy to our operations, step up the creative element and drive even higher client satisfaction.

After five years exploring the West Coast for suitable deposits, Philip and Christene discovered what is now known as Callache Marble. They co-founded Callache Stone Quarries Inc. in 2016 and opened the first marble dimension stone quarry in Canada, on Vancouver Island on the traditional territory of the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations. They spent the next two years developing the virgin quarry and the market for Canadian marble and received a Ministry of Energy and Mines Quarry Permit for 175,000 tonnes in January of 2018.

They sold their business in 2018 and joined Balke&Partner for quarry for sale business.

I.Joseph Sam is a multifaceted management professional with evolved entrepreneurial capabilities, exemplary familiarity with International business practices & diverse sectoral experience.


He has built & continues to build businesses with a global outlook from its incubation phase and have actively led activities from business planning, roll out, funding, business re-engineering & repositioning, brand building, investor relations and global alliances & partnerships.

In the last 2 decades he has had extensive exposure & participated in leadership, operational, advisory and strategic roles. His sectoral experience includes Mining, Building Materials, Consumer Goods & Services and Manufacturing. His lead expertise has evolved from General Management into Strategic initiatives, Finance & Investment management and Business Development. 


He is a qualified Corporate Director from the Institute of Directors, a Production Engineer and a Post Graduate in Marketing Management.

He has also an Advanced Certification in Investment Law & Institutional Finance, is Certified in Business Valuation, a Certified Negotiator, Certified in Change Management and Certified in Entrepreneurship.


He has also a Diploma in Advertising & PR. Currently besides being on the Management team of one of India’s largest Natural Stone quarry group's he is also an Advisor to a fast growing Agri venture and advises various state Governments on new industrial initiatives. He has been the CEO of various companies in the past and also was heading a Dutch Agro fund initiative till April 2018.


Active into sports he is also a part of initiatives that include mentoring slum and street kids and believes no one should stay hungry or stay foolish.

Joseph Sam : 

"The reason I joined Markus in his global initiative of aggregating Quarries for Investment and Sale is because of

(1). his professional expertise & networking in this area,

(2). his ability to envision the monetisation of natural resources astutely and collaboratively and

(3). his strong business practises which resonate his values, vision and integrity.


Markus has entered a space with the objective of ensuring that the future of natural resources is secure through collaborative intervention and at the same time it ensure cross pollination of investment into potentially sustainably profitable ventures." 

5 steps to sell
your property:
  1. Get in touch with us with brief information and details about property. In some cases we inspect your quarry on site with at least one quarry/geologist expert.
  2. We will keep all information confidentially and evaluate with our experts possibilities and chances.
  3. We will submit our international sales agreement to sign, mandantory to start our work. 
  4. We'll get in contact with potential buyer, investors or partner and negotiate behind the scenes and on your behalf.
  5. We'll present one or more buyers to seller finally decide and complete the sale. 
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There are many reasons to sell a quarry or operation.
  • due to advanced age, realizing that there are no successor in own family.
  • due to financial crises, caused by misinterpretating current national and international marketsituation, mismanagement or shortage of business and financial knowledge.
  • due to ignoring market changes and lack of exploring new products niches.
and reasons a professional team to trust:
Successful clients trust our team consisting of :
  • geologists 
  • mineralogists 
  • quarry owner 
  • quarry company - mining service for rent  
  • sales and marketing experts 
  • banker and financing experts 
  • real estate specialists
  • international lawyers and accountants 
Expert teams on every continent to get the best possible service for our clients. 
Trust in over 25 years of natural stone market experiences!

We speak German, Spanish, French, Dutch and English 



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