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We speak German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Belgium, Portuguese, Scandinavian and English 



My name is Markus Balke and I'm the CEO of Balke and Partners a growing network worldwide and we are seeking Partners in CANADA.


We are currently facing a worldwide overwhelming demand of registered and investors to invest into natural resources on our website and unpublished projects.

Especially in Canada we have over 100 investors registered waiting to get connected to the right project according to their preferences.

At the same time we have over 50 projects with quarry owners seeking investment, successors or rightout sale not published yet.


We are seeking for partners, which understand "long term business" , "mutual benefits" and win win for both, Investor and Quarry-Owner.  

Seeking Partners in CANADA 

The ideal partner would be from the stone business, familiar or attracted by stone business,

holding a real estate licence for the state working and beyond.


The ideal partner would have a good going own business or steady income to bridge the income

from quarry sales commission based only.


The ideal partner is:

  • open minded - tolerant - friendly and honest

  • straight forward - polite - trustworthy

  • interested in long term business relationship and love satisfied clients 

  • a teamplayer used to work in a global operating team and understand the power of networks in business

  • communicative skills in working with quarry owners in the US and investors in the US and overseas 

We know that nobody is perfect and we will never find  the perfect match.

If you feel that the above describes you as a business person 70-90 %, then please connect with me.


We offer to establish your own very lucrative business, supported by a huge network and all necessary contacts.

Under ideal circumstances you can have a high 6 digit income within 12-18 months with increasing tendency for the following years.


Please connect directly with me preferably via email

to not worry about different time zones.

+49 221 16818990

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