Quarries for sale in Europe

Unpublished quarries and resources for registered investors:

Black Gabbro dimension stone quarry

Black granite ornamental and dimensional stone quarry incl. production plant in South Spain 



Active Gabbro quarry operation 15 Hectare with 180 Hectare extension possibility (already licensed and approved).

Quarry equipped with full pressured Air Network, Landline-Electricity and quarry expert team. 
Includes active fully operational factory to process the stone including:
o   2x 3,5 m disc saws
o   Automatic polishing line  (bushhammered and brushed surfaces possible)
o   Automatic flaming line    (sandblasted surfaces possible)
o   Various secondary disc saws
Versatile factory which produces everything from monuments, Slabs and every finished material to cobblestone products.

Geological report available.
Included is a Spanish Limited liability company in good standing.

Sales Price                                                                                      €  2,19 M  EURO

Optional with Spanish/Netherlands/German/English speaking management


Gypsum deposit/quarry Balkan Europe

High-grade Gypsum quarry - Balkan    - REF AB-20022022 

Quarry is ideally located 25km from next seaport. (bulk shipment)


Chemical Analysis : CaO 36,75% - SO3 39,40% - H2O 14,90 % -

SiO2 0,84% - MgO 0,54% - Al2O3 0,08% - Fe2O3 0,07 % 

73 Ha quarry license from which already 29 Ha licensed for extraction. Reserves still to quarry: 50 Million tons  

Geological reports and relevant operating permissions in place and available. Current Status: active 

Limited liability company debth free and in good standing, holding all licenses and permits  also included in the sale.

Sales price:                                                                                                     USD  $ 3,5 M


Highgrade Dolomite aggregate quarry - Spain Valencia

High-grade Dolomite quarry and aggregate production 

plus optional concrete production plant in Valencia area-  REF ES-24022022 

Quarry is ideally located 90km from Valencia seaport. (bulk shipment)

Dolomite ( CaO 34,9% , MgO 20,5 %...)

25 Ha quarry land from which already 18 Ha licensed for extraction. Reserves still to quarry: 20.0 million tons  

Geological reports and relevant operating permissions in place and available. Current Status: active 

Current aggregate production plant capacity : 150 tons/hour -24.000 tons/month ‐ (160 hours/month ‐ 20 days to 8 hours for month


Equipment included:​​

Stationary plant for crushing and screening Electrically powered. production capacity of 150 Tm/h.

The treatment of the aggregate is carried out by "dry process" (without washing the aggregate).

- Control hut, built on site, with electrical switchboard cabinet and control console for manoeuvring all the elements of the plant.

- Metal hopper for the reception of the "all-in-one".

- Pre-screener.

- Reciprocating feeder.

- Impact mill for primary crushing.

- Three-tray screen and rejection equipment.

- Grit mill.

- TWELVE conveyor belts of different belt widths and lengths, fair-faced and equipped at the head of the conveyor belts, which transport fine material to the stockpile.

- Water misting systems at all dust production points.

- Quarry office building 80 m2.

- Fuel and oil storage shed.

- Weighing scale, with a capacity of up to 60 tonnes.

- Retaining wall in the unloading area of the "all-in-one" in the reception hopper.

- Various foundations to support the elements of the processing plant.

Spanish limited liability company debth free and in good standing also included in the sale.

Sales price:                                                                                                            

​This operation is ready to take over and continue or expand business.