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Quarries for sale in South America

Canteras en venta en América del Sur

URUGUAY - Nero assoluto black gabbro ornamental stone

REF- UR-202773333


"Discover a rare opportunity to invest in a black gabbro quarry in Uruguay, a safe and stable country for investors. This geologically unique material is the same as Nero Assoluto from Zimbabwe, making it a valuable addition to any project. With all licenses in place and a producing quarry team from Brazil, this is a no-brainer investment. Don't miss out on this chance to own a piece of the earth's rarest materials."

Active and producing quarry on 69 acres land with all licenses in place plus quarry team from Brasil
Quarry life 17 years at 600cbm/month and 7200cbm/year.  

FOB Price per cbm all costs included  $ 590,00  USD/cbm 
FOB Sales price per cbm $ approx 1000,00-USD /cbm 
Current production 300cbm/month (3.600cbm per year)

Sales Price:      €  1,9 M  EUR 

Financing available - € 250,000 Euro down - Share transfer € 612.500 and € 1,037.500 within 3 years  


Active Anden Calciumcarbonate /Travertine quarry - The world's highest Travertine quarry !

REF- PER-2024014326


This quarry is a rare opportunity to acquire a fully operational quarry in the Yanacancha District, Chupaca Province. Located at an elevation of 4,200 to 4,400 meters above sea level, this quarry is an intriguing proposition for investors or organizations interested in mining operations. With its unique altitude and rich travertine and calcium carbonate reserves, this property offers a distinct investment opportunity in one of the world's highest quarries.

Size of total property 123 Ha with estimated reserves of more than 3.0 Million cbm ( 8.4 Million tons) Calciumcarbonate/Travertine.

Mining license: The mining license is valid with a permanent/undefinite end date. The yearly renewal payment for the concession is $370 USD

Current production : 200 cbm Travertine blocks and 500 tons calciumcarbonate crushed stone per month 

The available beige and ivory colored travertine is prized for its unique texture and natural colors, and is commonly used for flooring, countertops, and building facades projects around the world. The quarry can provide huge gang saw size Travertine blocks. The quarry also offers ground calcium carbonate (The chemical analysis shows a calcium carbonate content of 97.98%), which is used in industries such as paint, production of CAL, cement, glass, and

Distance to Lima 300km.  

An operating blocks processing factory located in Lima that produces travertine tiles can be also available as part of the deal. This provides a great opportunity for buyers to expand their operations and immediately start producing travertine slabs or finished products (tiles, countertops etc) for construction markets.

Reason for sale : no successor - Owner will remain available for long transition or management period.

This is a fully active operation with full manpower and machinery ready to take over.


Sales Price                                            $  1,19 M  USD                              

Uruguay quarry "Nero Assoluto" "Jet Black" Gabbro (Granite)

Intense Black Microgabbro dimension stone quarry in Uruguay named as the

"Switzerland of South America"   REF- UR-80239991


Currently dormant quarry with mining permit and all licenses in place for

18 Ha ( 45 acres) plus storage area of 1 Ha, no restriction in extending of the extraction area.

The opening (Front A – Absolute Black) has 150m long (front of extraction) by 45m wide (operative area) and 7m depth. 
Blocks quarries so far: 

More than 4 cbm/pcs - 33,50% - Blocks 3-4 cbm/pcs - 32.33 % - Blocks 2-3 cbm/pcs -19.21%

smaller blocks 1-2 cbm/pcs - 14,96%

Mining license not quantity restricted and valid until 2042. (can be extended 2 times  more 15 years each = 2072) 

​Geological report available and all documents 

Located in the South of Uruguay close to the Port of Montevideo in 119km distance

Sales Price:   €  3,95 M  USD

Technical properties:  Weight of volume unit (P). = 3061 Kg/m3  -  Compression breaking load (Cs) = 2678 Kg/cm2.