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Quarries for sale in South America

Canteras en venta en América del Sur
High-grade limestone gravel pit Jamaica

510 acres Sand and gravel pit Jamaica

REF 190925

Petrography = high-grade limestone - CaC03 content of 98%

Geological reports available and all licences and permissions in place.


Current use:

Supply building and construction industry with various sizes of aggregate  for making building blocks, building roads, for rough casting and rendering, and other uses.

Presently supplying JISCO (formerly ALPART) with the inch and a half sized stone to use in the conversion from bauxite to alumina. Transformation of limestone in a kiln to white lime.

Deposit size: 215 million metric tons of limestone, 160 million recoverable.


Average revenues for the last three years of operations: $10,000,000 /mth JA$


Next seaport: 8km from quarry Status : open and active


Crusher, Scale, Office Building and various other equipment included in sale.


Reason for sale: no succession 


Sales price          $ 12,5 M  USD 

Buyer and investors: If you didn't find any quarry/stone production 

which attract your attention:


Keep in mind, we have over 100 confidential projects not published.

Gabbro (Granite) black quarry

Absolute black quarry for sale in Uruguay

Petrography = Microgabbro black 
This rock is similar to Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe  

Technical properties:

Weight of volume unit (P). = 3061 Kg/m3

Compression breaking load (Cs) = 2678 Kg/cm2.

Geological report and core drillings done by an international acknowledged geologist available.

current status : dormant 

Concession size: 17.8118ha. (17 ha and 8118m2)

Sales price : $  3.95 M   USD 

black gabbro blocks
black gabbro black gabbro.jpg
Brazil - 95% high grade Limestone

High grade lime 95 % purity quarry 

Brazil - Minas Gerais

October, 2019   

Current status : Virgin quarry - private owned - no mining licence in place

Open and flexible to discuss JV as an option

- Oolitic facies with recristalized calcite;
- Low content of detritic minerals
(quartz/clay/silt) in the carbonate matrix;
- High calcitic cementation;
- Low sulfur, iron and MgO;


Geological reports not available at this time.

Known reserves : 75 Million metric tons


We emphasise one big advantage of of this project which is the existence of vast biomass source (eucalyptus) in the close surroundings, which is the cheapest energy available in Brazil.  It is a green energy as well since the CO2 emissions arising from biomass burning are technically zero since CO2 is consumed for biomass growth. 

Logistics : 6 km to Highway - 16km to next railway station 

Asking price      $   3.49 M USD

High federal incentives can be expected.

Granite dimension stone quarry

Quarry is located in Espirito santo state of Brasil.


60 miles from next container port perfect for shipping to East and West Coast as well.

Material highly interesting for US countertop market. This cremewhite colored - dark veins material also have redbrown inclusions (Andalusit und Biotite) that match wood kitchen furniture at it's best. 


Owner sell because of no family succession. 


Asking price $ 1.4 M  USD 

Sand and Gravel Mine NW South America
North West
South America

South America


Sand and Gravel mine, 100 hectares, fully permitted and operational.

Buyer and Investors: If you didn't find any quarry/stone production 

which attract your attention:


Keep in mind, we have over 100 confidential projects not published.

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