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Quarries for sale in Ukraine-Russia and adjacent countries
Canteras en venta en Ucrania-Rusia y países adyacentes

RUSSIA Clay quarry Kursk Dmitrievsky district

Russia Kursk Dmitrievsky district, with an area of 17.5 hectares, with the possibility of increasing up to 23 hectares,mining license valid until 2035. (extendable)

Location e land plot has an advantageous location in remoteness from Kursk.

There is a local road and a federal highway in the immediate vicinity.


Clay raw materials are moderately plastic, suitable for the production of full-bodied ceramic bricks by the method of plastic formation with natural drying of raw materials that meet the requirements of GOST 530-80 for grade 75-100.


Approximate thickness of the clay layers is 10 m, the predicted volume of minerals is about 2,3 Million cubic meters.

SALES PRICE  € 250.000 EURO 

MOLDAVIA Chalk quarry Soroca region

16 Ha extendable to 25 and 50 Ha. – 2 million tons chalk reserve (6 ha)


1 Million tons Sand and gravel

1 Million tons Flintstone

500.000 tons silica sand



UKRAINE Basalt quarry and production Rivne area

The largest production of basalt processing in Ukraine.

Specialization processing and manufacture of basalt products.

The territory of the enterprise is 0.63 Ha, fenced with two fences. Stone cutting shop - 623 sqm., auxiliary shop - 517 sqm.

The company produce up to 2,000 square meters of basalt per month. Full production cycle - from initial sawing to final processing.

The business is export-oriented, has permanent contracts for the sale of products to the EU and CIS countries. Rivne region (2 km from the basalt quarry) 


SALES PRICE  € on request  EURO 

UKRAINE Clay quarry and production Lviv Area

Production area: 7 ha.
- state of the plant: good, partial modernization was carried out.
- plant infrastructure: complete infrastructure for the production of expanded clay aggregate, expanded clay aggregate concrete, and a wide range of expanded clay aggregate products.
- one rotary kiln: in addition to expanded clay production, it is possible to burn lime in a rotary kiln 40 m long and 280 cm in diameter.
- the complex includes a quarry with specific clay on an area of 27 hectares. The distance to the quarry is 7 km from the plant 
- logistics : the plant has all the necessary communications and access roads. Own railway track needs restoration.



UKRAINE SAND PIT Chernivtsi Region

Active business. Quartz construction sand 600,000 tons.

(suitable for glass production),

marble stone 150,000 tons, sand stone 130,000 tons.

License for an area of 5.2 hectares for 25 years. 


quarryforsale in ukraine
UKRAINE Brick Factory + clay pit Zhytomyr region

Description: Sale of the territory of the Brick Factory + a clay pit.

The plot of a brick factory is 5.8 hectares - for industrial use (for the manufacture of building materials). Power grid 10 kv 
The owner is a legal entity. 

110 km from Kiev center -  6 km from the Kiev-Kovel highway 

The clay deposit was developed by the company brick plant OMKS with a capacity of 1.5 million pcs. bricks per year. Brick grades —75. 


Mineral — loess-like loam brownish-yellow (1.4 m) gray viscous clay (1.7 m). yellow clay (2.2 m) and brown viscous clay (1.6 m). Overburden - soil and vegetation layer and sand. The average overburden thickness is 2.4 m. The hydrogeological conditions are favorable. 
Loams and clays are suitable for the production of building bricks under natural drying conditions by the plastic molding method. 

The reserves of brick raw materials are approved by UTKZ (Minutes No. 2791 dated 30/1 1969) by industrial categories - A + B + C1 - 688 thousand m3. including A - 92. B-441. С1-155 STOCK REMAINING at 1.01. 2007 is by category (thousand m3): B + C1-537. B-69.C1-468.

The deposit is not being developed. 

SALES PRICE  € 980.000 EURO 

UKRAINE Aggregate Granite quarry Vinnytsia region

The main activities: mining of granite and production of rubble stone and crushed stone products. 

The total area of the granite quarry around 100 hectares of which: 

38.06 hectares - the quarry itself; 
62 hectares are owned for the construction of another plant and a railway station of shipment. 
Current permission for the extraction of granite for 43 million tons. 

Physical-mechanical and chemical properties of granites meet the highest international standards. 

In 2013, the modernization of the existing crushing and screening plant with a capacity of 600,000 tons of processing of rock mass per year. own equipment was updated (excavators, dump trucks, front-end loaders). 

At the moment, construction of another crushing and sorting plant and a railway unit has begun. A plot of 62 hectares was purchased. design documentation was prepared. permissions received. completed work on the transfer of communications. casting foundations. crushed stone embankments are poured under the railway tracks. 

According to the results of additional exploration, the increment of granite reserves is about 35 million tons. which guarantees the production of finished products for 40-50 years. overburden removed at the latest deposit. Development is carried out on the second ledge. 


UKRAINE active brick factory Vinnytsia region

Active and operating brick factory 

Technical characteristics: 
- ceramic brick M-75 is produced. М-100; 
- capacity up to 3 million / year; 
- number of employees - 25-30; 
- total area of ​​the plant. premises. buildings - 1.87 hectares; 
- land under the quarry - 5 hectares; 
- ring oven for 60 thousand pieces; 
- under a canopy for drying butt and storing bricks; 
- press SMK-721; 
- transformer 250kV. 


- GAZ-53 - 1 unit; 
- Bulldozer - 2 units; 
- Loader - 1 unit. 

- special permit for the use of subsoil; 
- permit for special water use.

SALES PRICE  € on request EURO 

UKRAINE Granit aggregate quarry Kirovograd area

Products: Crushed granite cuboid 0-5 mm. 5-10 mm. 5-20 mm. 20-40 mm. 40-70 mm. 0-40 mm. 0-70 mm. 5-40 mm. 5-70 mm. rubble stone 

Possible production: 30,000-40,000 thousand cubic meters (category of exploration of reserves с2 reserve land) 

Availability of title and permits 
Special permission for the use of subsoil (license): Yes 
Mining allotment act: Yes 
Area : 22.4 ha 
Land allotment: Yes 
Type of right: Lease 
Area: 13.9 ha 
Permit to develop the field. 

Availability and characteristics of equipment 
Line for the primary processing of rock mass, which includes a jaw crusher for primary processing with subsequent fractional screening. Primary crusher capacity = 150 tons / hour. 
Two twin jaw crushers for recycling with subsequent fractional screening. 
A line for the production of crushed stone of fine fractions (5 * 20). with a grain content of flakiness up to 5%. with an input product capacity of 100 tons per hour (cube-shaped crushed stone line). 
Barmak centrifugal crusher. The line diagram is serial-parallel. All elements of the line are harmoniously coordinated with each other. balanced in performance and throughput. The enterprise is fully equipped with transport and quarry equipment. 


1. Equipment: 
Excavator Hyundai 3200 
Hydraulic hammer 
Excavator EO -5124 
Bulldozer T 170 
Loader L 34 - 2 pcs. 
Kraz 6510 car - 2 pcs. 
Fuel tanker - 2400 l. 
Water carrier 
VAZ 21214 (Niva) 
Tractor KRAZ 6444 
Semitrailer ATM 


2. Buildings: 
Administrative - household building. area of 180 m2.

SALES PRICE  € on request   EURO 

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