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Quarries for sale in Europe

Unpublished quarries and resources for registered investors:

GERMANY Berlin area - High quality Silica sand pit to lease



Reserve of more than 9 Million tons silica sand 93,5 % SiO2

Grainsize :  0-3mm 95% and 3-10mm 5% 

Leasing time : flexible 8-20 years 

Current Status : dormant  

Mining license in place  -  no equipment on site 

10km to next port and commercial railway loading station - 90km to Berlin city center 

Lease:      €  20.000-25.000  Euro /month + royalties  depending on lease duration 



SLATE dimension stone quarry plus active production 

REF- SP-20241264522


Located in the Pre-Pyrenees at less than 100 km from Barcelona this Dimensional Stone, due to its beautiful blue base color and brown weathering, is a favorite stone for Building, Cladding and Landscaping in all of the Eastern Pyrenees (Spain, Andorra, France), as well as getting more and more popular in Urban Areas.

Two quarries, one dormant, one active, supply this well established stone, which
helps chalets, apartment- and other buildings as well as landscaping elements
(e.g. wire caging wall, gravel) to blend in, seamlessly in mountainous backdrops
(Pyrenees) as well as getting more and more used in the booming Barcelona
Metropolitan Area.

Popular by stonemasons of the area as its bi-directional 'slate' nature makes it very easy to split and to work with.
Each quarry is covered by its own Spanish C-Section Concession. One of 30 Hectares, one of 60 Hectares. The first concession has 4,7 hectares authorized for quarry purposes and an actual active quarry of 1,7 hectares and estimated reserves of 400.000 m3. The 60 hectares concession has 2,3 hectares authorized of which 1,5 hectares on own land,currently dormant.


Sales Price                                            €  1,49 M  Euro   


Active Granite dimension stone quarry plus active production 

REF- SP-2023127772


Size of total property 5,0 Ha (12,4 ares) Size of extraction area 2,5 Ha (6,2 cres) and resoreves of more than 2,5 M tons 

Current production: 1.500 tons per anno. Processing area of 1500 sqm with 3 large block cutters, 7 bride saws plus variety of surface finish equipment (flaming/Sandblasting/brushed/bush hammered/honed/polished).

Quarry: fully equipped with 2 Front Loaders, Articulated Truck, 1 Digger and variety of drilling and blocks cutting equipment. Full Water access and Power supply by energy supplier   


All mining and operation licenses in place and large customer base.

Reason for sale : no successor - Owner will remain available for long transition or management period.

We call this material a bread and butter material his Granite is a high demanded material within Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Stable project, but with important growth potential in further international sales (UK, Scandinavia and Benelux) 

This is a fully active operation with full manpower and machinery ready to take over.


Sales Price                                            €  1,85 M  Euro