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Quarries for sale in Europe

Unpublished quarries and resources for registered investors:

"Nero Impala" Spain Black Granite stone quarry

Black granite (gabbro) dimension stone quarry incl. production plant in South Spain 



Active black Gabbro quarry operation 15 Ha with 180 ha extension possibility already licensed and approved.
Quarry equipped with full pressured Air Network, Landline Electricity and quarry expert team. 
Includes active fully operational factory to process the stone including:

 3,5 m disc saws, Automatic polishing line, Automatic flaming line, Various secondary disc saws
Versatile factory which produces everything from monuments, Slabs and every finished material to cobblestone products. 
Geological report available.
Included is a Spanish Limited liability company in good standing.

Sales Price                                            €  2,49 M  EURO


Optional B&P multilingual management team available to run the entire production 

and marketing and sales 

Sandstone Quarry operation in IRELAND/EU for sale

Ireland West Coast - ideally located - REF 202304-AF-20-IRE

Current status:  fully functional, all licenses and permits in place - annual production of more than 30.000 tons.

Zero waste operation: Block extraction, split products like wallstones, cobbles, flooring tiles all smaller blocks and waste crushed to aggregate sold locally into asphalt and concrete industry. 

Investment into multi wire saw and cut to size machines and labour force recommended.

Sandstone: quartzitic Sandstone (more than 81% quartz content) with unique earth colors brownish/grey/greenish 

Logistic: the new deepwater harbour 59 miles from quarry can enhance the current sandstone business as shipments up to 20.000 tons possible to UK, France and Rest of Europe.

Lucrative and profitable: yes indeed 

Property: 22,70 Hectares - Mining license 9,68 Hectares  - Reserves for dimension stone blocks more than 150.000 tons and aggregates of more than 1 Million tons (9,69Ha).


Rightout sale for € 2.9 M Euro

POLAND Silica sandpit 98% SiO2 close to German border

POLAND - Silica sandpit close to German Border  - REF-POL-202304-JAN

Purity: 98,2 % SiO2 - Grain size: over 89% = 0,063-2mm

Distance from german border 90km - Distance to Berlin 180km - Distance to Motorway 10km 


Inaktive/dormant operation since 2011
Size of private property: 40,7 Ha - Mining license approval pendent for 31 Ha. 

Reserves still in quarry : over 13 Million tons 

Geological reports available 

Sale of the property including mining permits, water well on property and access to public electricity.


Rightout sale for € 2.50 M Euro