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Quarries for sale in South America

Canteras en venta en América del Sur

Uruguay quarry "Nero Assoluto" "Jet Black" Gabbro (Granite)

Intense Black Microgabbro dimension stone quarry in Uruguay named as the

"Switzerland of South America"   REF- UR-80239991


Currently dormant quarry with mining permit and all licenses in place for

18 Ha ( 45 acres) plus storage area of 1 Ha, no restriction in extending of the extraction area.

The opening (Front A – Absolute Black) has 150m long (front of extraction) by 45m wide (operative area) and 7m depth. 
Blocks quarries so far: 

More than 4 cbm/pcs - 33,50% - Blocks 3-4 cbm/pcs - 32.33 % - Blocks 2-3 cbm/pcs -19.21%

smaller blocks 1-2 cbm/pcs - 14,96%

Mining license not quantity restricted and valid until 2042. (can be extended 2 times  more 15 years each = 2072) 

​Geological report available and all documents 

Located in the South of Uruguay close to the Port of Montevideo in 119km distance

Sales Price:   €  3,95 M  USD

Technical properties:  Weight of volume unit (P). = 3061 Kg/m3  -  Compression breaking load (Cs) = 2678 Kg/cm2.

MEXICO - Marble Quarries - beige and cream - close to US border

Large Cream and Beige Marble Quarries in Northeast Mexico

REF- MEX-82023702


Located 180 Miles West of Monterrey (Tesla just invested in a gigafactory close in Monterey) and approximately 450 Miles Southwest of San Antonio – Texas – USA


Own land : 950 Acre property containing huge reserves of several well-known Cream and Beige Marbles.

Quarries are opened up and ready for further exploitation.

Reserves still to quarry : 300 Million Tons.

Status : active and all necessary permits in place.

Sales Price:   €  8,9 M  USD


Materials already have references from significant projects amongst which an airport, hotels as well as several residential projects. Ideal operation/production to near-source for the huge demand of cream marble both for the Mexican as well as the U.S. market.
High-grade limestone gravel pit Jamaica

510 acres Sand and gravel pit Jamaica

REF 190925

Petrography = high-grade limestone - CaC03 content of 98%

Geological reports available and all licences and permissions in place.


Current use:

Supply building and construction industry with various sizes of aggregate  for making building blocks, building roads, for rough casting and rendering, and other uses.

Presently supplying JISCO (formerly ALPART) with the inch and a half sized stone to use in the conversion from bauxite to alumina. Transformation of limestone in a kiln to white lime.

Deposit size: 215 million metric tons of limestone, 160 million recoverable.


Average revenues for the last three years of operations: $10,000,000 /mth JA$


Next seaport: 8km from quarry Status : open and active


Crusher, Scale, Office Building and various other equipment included in sale.


Reason for sale: no succession 


Sales price          $ 12,5 M  USD