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December, 2019  

This an extraordinary opportunity

Goal is to raise 1,6 Mio Euro to get 3,5 Mio Euro from EU and Bank

for a Basalt aggregate plant in Armenia at Sevan lake.

Bank statement already in place.

Orders for aggregate are already in place as crushed material is needed for Silk road project financed by Chinese and Armenian Government. New elected democratic government is PRO EU and investor friendly.

Businessplan shows extraordinary high interest rates and margins as this is the only hard rock plant suitable for construction.


3,5 Mio Euro needed to develop Basalt quarries , to import a high volume professional crushing and screening plant plus a dimension stone processing plant toi serve the high demand in Armenia over the next 5 years. 

Investment     € 1.6 M  EURO


White marble deposit - virgin and fully licensed

April , 2019  

Location :

Sivas area - 400 km east of Ankara and 250 km to next seaport Samsun.

Deposit area : 980.000 sqm - expected volume 4000.000 tons pure marble  according to geological expert reports. 

Material :

Density : 2,7 tons/cbm

Color in 2 selections : White and grey beige 

Asking price for virgin deposit     € 1.6 M  EURO


Absolute black

Black dolerit - green grass root project for sale    

August, 2017  

Property with 25 hectares - 21 hectare mineable land fully licensed.

Mining and geological report plus core drillings done

Exploitable reserves of 5,2 Mio cbm 

Material is medium fine grained deep black. 

To be sold by well established and acknowledged mining company 

Asking price is  $ 1.39 M  USD

Sri Lanka

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